Because we love life
We share our passion for the kitchen

The food is the pause to recover energy, the moment to share the table and enjoy the company.

We celebrate each ingredient and how it came into our hands.

We will taste the best dishes of the region cooked by fire, disc, grill or paila… and always accompanied by good wines from Mendoza.


Nothing better than starting the day with good energy. On our continental breakfast,  you will find hot infusions, homemade bread, jams and eggs, cereal, yogurt and fruits of the region.


Lunch at San Ignacio is an invitation to learn about regional cooking techniques where the fire is the protagonist. Argentinian barbecue, flame-grilled goat, iron chicken, vegetables, and green salads are examples of what we offer to continue enjoying the day in the mountains.


A snack with hot infusions, regional pastries, homemade alfajores and fruits will help us to relax and get ready to enjoy the magical sunsets.


In the warmth of the fireplace or around the fire under the stars, with a gourmet snack and a cup of wine, anecdotes flow. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the flavours of a good meal are blended to end the day.